Here you can see the projects that our team of specialists worked on.
These are the products of our labor that we are proud of.

Workshops & Trainings

Our variety of training events and workshops all aim to strengthen medical and psychosocial knowledge and care. From staffcare and burnout prevention workshops to trainings for traumathologists, our trainings and workshops cover a range of essential topics and themes.

E-learning Platform

In times of war, continuing medical education in Ukraine is under pressure. Large proportions of the population face internal and external displacement. This also affects medical and academic professionals, who are forced to leave universities and medical institutions. Additionally, infrastructure is subject to destruction, which further hinders medical students and professionals from attending university lectures or continuing medical education. Against this background, SOLOMIYA has partnered with several Ukrainian and German medical universities to develop an online curriculum that covers topics of psychiatry, psychotherapy, traumatology, emergency care and rehabilitative medicine. The goal is to create an easily accessible online education program to support the continuous provision of needed medical training.

Chatbot Friend

The Friend chatbot is a free digital psychosocial service that contains scientifically proven exercises and recommendations for correcting stress-related conditions for victims of the war in Ukraine. Its most important function is psychological first aid, which is provided through an effective step-by-step algorithm of actions based on the latest scientific research. A separate function is the redirection of the user according to the specifics of their condition to a mental health specialist. This approach corresponds to the widely recognized model of stepped care, which is based on the parameters of human resources and economic efficiency. The chatbot is developed by an NGO “Digital support of psychological health” with the support of SOLOMIYA project. (Website of NGO: of the chatbot:

Transportation of Medical Goods

Our goal is to provide needed medication to a number of large psychiatric hospitals in different regions of Ukraine and support the continuity of treatment with high quality medication. The first shipment was delivered in May 2022 and we continue shipping on a regular basis to our partnered medical facilities. We are thankful for the support of Zentral-Verband der Ukrainer in Deutschland (ZVUD) e.V. and WBC Cares Ukraine in helping us achieve our goal.

Solomiya App

This application was created to provide simple support tools when faced with chronic stress and sleeping difficulties. It contains 6 main modules with various psychoeducational and psychointerventional activities. Over the course of 6 weeks, each user receives daily exercises that can be easily incorporated into day-to-day life.

Charité.Digital – Help for Ukraine

Psychological and psychiatric video consultation for refugees from Ukraine .

As one of Europe’s largest academic hospital we are dedicated not only to excellent research, treatment, and teaching, but also to charity. That’s what the name “Charité” stands for. Therefore, it is important for us that we provide help for the Ukrainian people, wherever they are. Leaving one´s homeland and family and friends behind sometimes causes stress. If you feel stressed and if you feel that you need psychological or social support, we would like to offer help. And that’s why we aim at providing help within the “Ukraine-Help” program.


As of July 2022, the SOLOMIYA project has been expanded to include a new telemedicine component. The technology purchased through the SOLOMIYA project has enabled German doctors and Ukrainian experts work together at various locations to care for injured people in Ukraine. In addition to therapy suggestions, doctors can support diagnostics and be present at operations or interventions from a distance. The telemedicine project strengthens the healthcare system in Ukraine and is supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) Training

NET Training (Narrative Exposure Therapy) is a trauma-focused psychotherapeutic intervention for people with multiple and complex traumas. It is an evidence-based method with a proven positive effect on people with war experiences (civilians and military). The training consists of lectures with international experts, live demonstrations, practical sessions and supervision sessions for Ukrainian mental health professionals. The project is carried out with our partners – vivo international e.V. and the University of Konstanz.